4 Types of Yoga Mudra you should know  

The word mudra is derived from sanskrit. Yoga mudra means symbolic hand motion with the capacity to evoke happiness and joy. Frequent mudra practice not only improves one’s general health but also serves as a preventative measure. Our hands determine our karma, and because our fingers are our power points, they serve as a conduit between our personal Pranic energy and the vast cosmic energy. 

Hand mudras have the ability to influence positive energy in your body. It can be your emotional,  physical and spiritual body. 



This yoga mudra is also known as “THE GESTURE OF KNOWLEDGE OR WISDOM”. You can perform this by joining the tip of the index finger and your thumb. And the other fingers will be slightly bent or stretched out. This mudra can be used whenever you choose throughout the day, in yoga poses, or during meditation. Gyan mudra facilitates the discharge of stress and anger, improves memory, lowers sleep disturbances, lessens depression, and eases headaches. Yogis have been doing this mudra frequently for thousands of years because it promotes tranquility, and spiritual development.  



You can also call this yoga mudra as “THE GESTURE OF THE EARTH”. Bones, cartilage, skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, internal organs, and other body parts all depend on the earth element. Prithvi mudra practice strengthens the bones and grows and revitalizes these tissues. It results in strength, confidence, and stability. To employ this mudra To use this mudra, take a seat in lotus position or an easy pose. Gently touch the tip of the ring finger and thumb, while the other three are stretched or free. This mudra can help you boost self-esteem and confidence. It also reduces stress and weakness, aids in weight gain. And Increases blood circulation and Kapha. 



This yoga mudra is also known as “THE GESTURE FOR WATER”. This mudra is very helpful, it protects your body from all types of diseases. Which are mainly caused due to dryness and lack of water. To do this mudra you need to first relax your body and sit down while crossing your legs. Then you need to fold your index finger. then press the second phalanx bone with the tip of your thumb. You need to make sure that the tip of your index finger touches the base of your thumb. If you perform this yoga regularly you are going to see positive results. Like it will help you to eliminate excess gas from your body. It will also help you with problems like  gout, flatulence, constipation. You can also perform this to get rid of arthritis, neck pain, paralysis and cervical spondylosis. 



The fire element is related to metabolism and body warmth. Surya mudra practice aids in regulating body temperature and boosts metabolism. It is a mudra with considerable healing potential and is quite strong. It weakens the earth element in the body while boosting the fire element. It is suggested that you only perform this mudra every day when sitting still and on an empty stomach. The tip of the thumb presses against the second phalanx bone of the ring finger as the ring finger is folded and touched to the base of the thumb.


These are some yoga mudra you should know about. These mudra will help you healing your body and mind.  



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